CryptoCannoneer Update

CryptoCannoneer Update

Very excited with all the latest improvements to what used to be called SpudCannoneer and TurretCannoneer but maybe this time I’ll actually stick to a name.

I have been mega busy getting this and StellarRed ready for my submission to the Hack the System hackathon before the Sunday deadline.

I think most of the bugs are worked out so I will be trying to actually get some players next time I stream, anyone have thoughts on where I can post about it to stir up some interest?

My NFT creator in StellarRed is working so I will be releasing some NFTs shortly! Hopefully people will support the project and buy some.

Sorry I haven’t been streaming much, I’ve just had so much going on! Once this submission is over hopefully I will be able to get more consistent. I am also exploring some permanent warehouse locations to setup this project. If I can sell some NFTs and make some money I would love to build an automatic reloader so this thing can run 24/7.

Very excited for what’s coming! Stay tuned!

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