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This is a community chat controlled artillery game that teaches you about cryptocurrency and awards you with TRRT Token for playing! Currently TRRT Token is only on Stellar TEST net. This project is still in experimental Alpha phase.

CryptoCannoneer Explainer
Getting Started

Zoom Passcode: 887903 You can leave email blank

Note: If you are having trouble joining the meeting below, enter Meeting ID: 99217899665 and join via Zoom App.

Zoom Passcode: 887903 You can leave email blank

I cannot embed the Telegram Chat here (which is used to control the bot) so mobile users must use a splitscreen workaround. If your phone does not offer the ability to use multiple apps simultaneously I recommend using
The livestream can be found on this page and you can access the web version of Telegram here:

This project is an example of what can be built on Stellar using the StellarRed SDK, a convenient visual programming tool. (coming soon)

Twitch stream