RoyalT Stellar NFT Royalty Enforcer

Goal: Enforce royalties and allow offers to be made natively on the SDEx and from any wallet

Results: Partial Success

Enforces royalties
Could potentially be integrated into other wallets

Can’t make offer on your own wallet/SDEx
Have to use my portal to generate your buy Tx. Hopefully this can be uploaded to TSS.
Someone can just give away their secret key and/or change the master signer

Create a token to represent the NFT, not trust flagged. That account can accept offers and then trade the traded amount for the NFT and batch that with the royalty payment and getting the token back. Still requires a custom portal to redeem the token for the NFT but the offers can be made on SDEx and other wallets. That portal could probably be put on TSS. But it is confusing that they would actually be trading for the tokenized version of the NFT… jesus so meta. Also requires making 2 assets per NFT but they could be made by the same account.

This seems over-complicated, hopefully there’s a better solution.

It seems like another option maybe would be to change the way the SDEx functions with trust flagged assets and still allows buy orders to be placed but not complete. Or turn into a claimable balance?

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