So I had a thought experiment strike –

What if there was an NFT that guaranteed the owner spam.

That’s right, if you hold this NFT, you constantly receive memo spam. Every block. Forever.

Technically, it would be a dividend because every spam message would carry 1 stroop worth of asset. Could be XLM. Maybe not.

There’s theoretically a block every 5 seconds, 86,400 seconds per day, about 17,000 blocks a day. At 100 stroops per tx that’s…I think 1.7 XLM a day? .17XLM a day? Can never keep that straight.

…this is kind of a network attack I guess? I mean it would take up one operation from every block…

If the fee goes up this could get expensive quick, but not really that expensive on the price we’ve seen NFTs going for lately…

My biggest concern is how to reliably ensure the transactions get sent. I could run a raspi that constantly spams transactions but if the internet goes down or power outage or whatnot… would probably be expensive to pay for a server just for this purpose, but if you were already running one anyways this could be a negligible cost.

Could presign a bajillion txs and let anyone submit them but if someone submits one out of order then the previous ones will be invalidated, right? Also I guess this would only work for the current recipient. I don’t know if you could presign to “any future owner” instead of just the current holder.

Perhaps this is a dangerous precedent and not just a funny joke. Maybe its brilliant. Who knows anymore.

I suppose it would cost about 650XLM/year (65?) to find out, unless the fees change.

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