Ethos: Make crypto easier for newcomers

I want to start assessing future projects and where I put my development efforts with the mindset of – “Will this help make crypto easier?” Particularly for newcomers.

I feel like currently there are 3 major issues plaguing the crypto space:
1) Every token’s market cap/price is tied to BTC
2) Every deflationary token is basically an MLM/pyramid scheme resulting in bagholders who bought at ATH
3) Rugpulling

I would like to help solve these.

  1. Even when a project is doing well or having great news, if BTC is crashing, so is their price. The market does not reward these efforts in a logical way. In my opinion, one of the best ways to combat this is to use dynamic token issuance and profit-sharing to back a token’s price.
  2. Rewarding early adopters and supporters with an increasing token price is one of the most appealing aspects of crypto investment but taking those profits at the cost of new investors getting dumped on is a horrible way to treat newcomers. Providing an ever-increasing buyback price floor can help limit losses for new investors.
  3. DAICOs and other models that limit creators access to token supply and crowdsourced funds can severely limit exit scam potential.

These are some of the ideals I will be trying to uphold with my projects moving forwards.

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