TurretCannoneer Update

TurretCannoneer Update

I am very excited to begin testing the new cryptocurrency features – especially the burninator!

But have come across a minor snag.

I originally designed the process as 2 different bots – cannoneer to handle the turret and thestellarbot to handle the cryptocurrency side.

Unfortunately telegram bots cannot communicate with each other. I have not come up with a good way to pass the information from one to the other side they are running on 2 different raspberry pis.

Additionally I decided to go with a local database so they can’t share user information. Whoops.

Got to come up with a solution. I’m thinking until I figure out an online database I will have to run a second instance of thestellarbot on my turret raspi with its own user db.

Decided to just move all the functionality to the CannonerBot pi. Eventually I will host the database so my Generic StellarBot can share account info but that’s pretty low priority.

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