So why am I making this vanity project?

I recently worked an entrepreneurship conference and it was quite inspiring.

My biggest takeaway was to work on my “personal brand.” This can be through linkedin or a personal webpage/blog. Or both.

The most compelling part was the fact that this type of living resume travels with you. It is not tied to any specific job, company, or project.

I do intend to also create a video resume but a full webpage is much more robust.

I was a full time event engineer but obviously that space has almost entirely disappeared since covid19. I still work the occasional livestream or hybrid event but that is nowhere close to the amount I was making or need for my lifestyle.

Since 2018 crypto has been my side gig – and events my job.

Looks like those roles are switching.

I will still work events as I can or as they come up but I am trying to transition into full time work in crypto and blockchain. I will be applying to companies and this webpage will serve as a living CV/resume/portfolio.

I will also continue to consult and develop on as many projects as possible.

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